What Kind of Lawyer Will You Be?

It’s not uncommon to find people who want to become lawyers. Getting into law school is as competitive as ever as more and more people seek careers as attorneys. But choosing to become a lawyer is only the first crucial decision that these aspiring attorneys will make; soon enough, they’ll have to decide which area of law to focus on.

Virtually all law school graduates who make their livings as attorneys choose to specialize in a certain area. Unless you move on to politics or business, your legal career will require focus; to become the very best at what you do, you’ll need to decide what, specifically, the thing you do will be! Fortunately, you have a lot of exciting things to focus on in the modern legal world. Here are a few for your consideration.

Marijuana law

When five states passed medical marijuana laws in the 1990s, they created a new area of legal concern. And when Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize marijuana for recreational use, they sparked a revolution in legislation that, in turn, created a massive legal industry seemingly out of thin air. The legal cannabis industry has grown by leaps and bounds, and is set to grow still more. A ready-made market of eager consumers is making the first companies on the scene successful.

But marijuana’s legality is not quite as simple as all of this makes it sound, one expert California cannabis attorney explains. States that have legalized the drug have also put into place all sorts of standards, safeguards, oversight measures, and red tape. Marijuana remains legal on the federal level, which complicates things. And all businesses already need a certain level of legal help. No wonder, then, that there are opportunities for attorneys who are able and willing to become experts in cannabis law!

Malpractice law

Tort law gives normal people the tools that they need to seek justice after they are wronged. In the popular imagination, that mostly involves suing over injuries sustained in car accidents or slip-and-falls. And personal injury law is indeed an important (and lucrative) area of tort law.

But what about when people are wronged by supposed “experts” who are supposed to be working in their best interest? When a person is betrayed or neglected by a doctor, financial adviser, or even an attorney, malpractice law comes into play. A lawyer who specializes in malpractice law can make the case that the defendant was neglectful and in breach of their duties, and that this caused the damages being sued for. Howard Fensterman, a successful New York area attorney, made his fortune primarily in the malpractice space. He specialized in medical and financial malpractice, suing on behalf of wronged patients and investors.

Immigration law

Law can change lives and shape public policy and public opinion. That’s particularly clear right now in the area of immigration law. Immigration lawyers deal with all kinds of issues related to immigration, from marriages between citizens and noncitizens to deportation cases.

Immigration lawyers don’t always work directly for those coming to America. Immigration lawyers are vital for businesses, too; hiring someone who is not a US citizen or permanent resident can be tricky, and successful businesses who want to bring in top talent without messing up the legal details need to have immigration lawyers on the payroll or on retainer. If you’re passionate about policy and/or want to help people come to the United States and improve their lives, then you might want to consider a career in immigration law.