Making a Good Impression When Meeting a Lawyer for the First Time

Going to court can be an unfamiliar experience for most Americans. After all, even if you’ve watched shows like Law and OrderBetter Call Saul, and other crime dramas, when you’re physically in the presence of a judge and jury it’s a much different time to be watching court proceedings. Whether you’ve been charged with something or are filing for divorce, it’s important to adequately prepare for being in the courtroom so that you can accurately testify to your experiences.

One of the best ways to prepare for your court case is to work with a lawyer who helps get you ready for the months ahead. An experienced attorney can make a big difference in your personal level of confidence when you head into your first day in court. That being said, even meeting with a lawyer can be intimidating. Here are a few tips for meeting up with and making a good impression on your attorney for the first time.

Do your homework.

Before you go ahead and schedule a consultation with your attorney, make sure that you actually feel like they’re the right attorney to help you through the legal process. Different law firms have different specializations, so you want to make sure that the practice you’re going to can actually take on your case and help you reach the verdict you’re looking for. For example, some personal injury lawyers have specializations that fit within the larger umbrella of personal injury. They may be more focused on employee negligence or have a strong focus on car accidents or motorcycle accidents.

Beyond finding a lawyer who can handle your specific personal injury case, it’s also a good idea to find a personal injury law firm located in your immediate geographic area. Especially when it comes to cases involving catastrophic injury from a truck accident or bicycle accident, it’s important that the legal advice you get comes from a law office with years of experience handling these sorts of cases within the jurisdiction of local and state laws. As such, even if you have a friend or relative who’s a personal injury lawyer in a different state, it makes more sense to find a personal injury attorney in Long Beach CA if you live in the Long Beach area.

Dress for success.

When you show up for your free consultation, it’s important that you feel confident in yourself. While it might seem like a small step to take, “dressing the part” can actually do a lot to boost your confidence in an unfamiliar situation. Picking out a professional outfit that helps you feel more at ease can thus be a major boon for holding your own during your meeting. If you’re a man, make sure that your beard, hair, and mustache are neatly trimmed. If you’re a woman, you may also want to find simple, natural makeup and some lush lashes that also create a look that reads as professional. There’s a real psychological connection between the clothes you wear and your self-esteem, so don’t skip this tip if you’re feeling nervous about making a good impression.

Ask the questions you need to.

In order to make a good impression with your accident attorney, it’s crucial to come prepared with questions about your case. Many times accident victims aren’t quite sure what exactly they’re looking for when filing a personal injury claim. However, being able to explain your case to someone with decades of experience and ask about the maximum compensation you may be able to qualify for in regards to medical treatment, property damage, and even emotional distress can be crucial. Not only will this help inform your decision about whether or not to retain the lawyer in the first place, but it will also show your legal team that you’re taking the attorney-client relationship seriously.