What Legal Services Do Seymour Furlong Lawyers Offer?

While most people hope they’ll never need expert legal services, you must turn to the right professionals when you need legal assistance. Lawyers specialize in multiple fields, and their specialty determines what type of case law they’re familiar with, which is why a family law attorney wouldn’t be suitable for a criminal law case.

Australia has multiple legal specialties, including common law. Common law is similar to personal injury law. Common law attorneys handle cases stemming from motor vehicle accidents, workers’ compensation, and disability claims. Let’s look at some types of cases Seymour Furlong’s lawyers handle and some general information about this law firm.

Who started the Seymour Furlong law firm, and where is it located?


Seymour Furlong has law offices in Brisbane, Coolum Beach, Upper Mount Gravatt, and Forest Lake. Peter Seymour leads the Seymour Furlong lawyers and has over 25 years of legal experience. His credentials include a Master of Laws from the Queensland University of Technology. Seymour also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and a Bachelor of Laws degree.

What types of cases does Seymour Furlong handle?


Seymour Furlong represents clients who’ve been injured or developed an illness preventing them from working. They handle total and permanent disability (TPD) cases, fighting for clients to receive fair compensation through their superannuation policies. Seymour Furlong’s lawyers also handle public liability accidents, such as slips and falls. From 2018 to 2019, over 230,000 Australians were hospitalized after a fall, and 5,300 died due to falls. Falls are just one reason for a public liability accident claim. When you’re injured on a person or business’s property, you may have grounds to file a suit to compensate you for your medical bills and costs stemming from your injuries if negligence caused your accident.

Seymour Furlong’s attorneys also handle car accident cases. After a motor vehicle accident, you may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault driver who caused the accident. Your personal injury lawyer will fight for you to receive financial compensation for the cost of medical expenses, job retraining, loss of income, and property damage.

Seymour Furlong’s attorneys also handle workers’ compensation cases. You may qualify for a lawsuit if you’ve been injured or become ill in your workplace and must retrain for a new occupation. Seymour Furlong law firm also represents clients dealing with wrongful death claims. Individuals might have grounds to pursue a death dependency claim if they lost a parent in an accident. Spouses and other family members may pursue a nervous shock claim coping with trauma following the death of their spouse or family member.

What happens when you contact the Seymour Furlong law firm?


The Seymour Furlong law firm offers free consultations to potential clients. You don’t have to pay fees before you talk to an attorney about your legal needs, ensuring you receive expert advice from a licensed attorney qualified to handle your case. The lawyer will ensure no conflicts of interest prevent them from handling your case and confirm there are legal grounds for you to pursue a lawsuit.

The attorney will outline their approach to your case and discuss contract terms before hiring them. Seymour Furlong charges a percentage of the settlement, ensuring you don’t have to come up with any funds to pursue a legal claim. Clients don’t pay any money unless they win their lawsuit.

Your legal team will file legal paperwork with the courts before the statute of limitations expire and prepare your legal case. They may negotiate a settlement offer or present evidence in court to ensure you receive a fair settlement.

The Seymour Furlong lawyers handle common law cases, such as car accident cases, wrongful death suits, and permanent disability cases. You can take advantage of a free consultation to determine if they offer the legal representation you need.