How To Improve the Condition of Your Aging Home

Older homes have a certain charm and character that new construction homes lack. The older the home, the older the bones, and the more issues you’ll have as a homeowner. A house that’s 50 years or older is considered an older home. Improving the condition of an older home starts with assessing maintenance issues and making sure everything is in working condition. Then, you can make minor upgrades and cosmetic fixes to breathe new life into an older home.

Address foundation issues.


Foundation issues are common in older homes. It’s important to address foundation issues immediately to ensure your home is livable. These issues can range from small settlement cracks to damaged support footings. Some foundation issues are the result of age and normal wear and tear. Others arise from wet soil, seismic activity, or tree roots. A structural engineer can inspect the foundation and assess the damage to ensure the issue is fixed and up to code. Signs that there are foundation issues include interior and exterior wall cracks, doors that won’t latch, uneven floors, and windows that don’t open.

Fix energy inefficiencies.


Older homes either lack insulation or the existing insulation is so old it’s ineffective. Ensuring there is proper insulation in your home will make it more energy-efficient and help you save on your monthly energy bill. There are several signs that your older home has energy inefficiencies, including feeling drafts, difficulty opening or closing windows, condensation or frost between glass layers, and space between floorboards and wall cavities.

Your home appliances affect the energy efficiency of your home. The best way to ensure appliances are in good working condition is to keep up with routine maintenance. Even with preventive maintenance, appliances break down and require repair services. Oregon Appliance Repair has years of experience providing appliance repair in Bend, Oregon, for major brands such as Frigidaire, GE, KitchenAid, LG, Whirlpool, and Bosch. The appliance repair company provides valuable services in a timely fashion for a reasonable price. Their appliance repair technicians can diagnose and repair refrigerators, freezers, ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and more.

Update outdated features and layouts.


The decor of older homes often reflects the design trends of the time: wallpapered rooms, popcorn ceilings, shoebox kitchens, and no open floor. The good news is that aesthetic issues can be fixed for a reasonable price as a DIY project. Make a list of all the cosmetic issues that need addressing and start tackling one room at a time. Investing in new paint, updated fixtures and cabinets, new hardware, a new tile backsplash, and updated floors will add property value and allow you to ask a higher price if the time comes to sell.

A bathroom renovation is a great home improvement project that offers an attractive ROI when it’s time to sell. You don’t have to take on a full renovation to achieve the look and feel of a new bathroom. Updating your old shower or bathtub with a new Kohler shower is a great way to makeover your bathroom. Lux Bath has years of experience providing shower remodeling in Pittsburgh with high-quality materials and next-day appointments. The bathroom renovator’s shower remodeling services include walk-in shower conversions, one-day shower installation, new showers, showerheads, and fixtures in a variety of styles. Investing in a new shower is the perfect solution for an outdated bathroom in need of new life.

Give the roof a thorough inspection.


Older homes frequently have roofs in poor condition. Several factors contribute to the life span of your roof, including the material of the shingles, weather conditions, maintenance record, quality of installation, and the roof grade. You should give your roof an inspection often to ensure it’s not covered in debris, does not have loose or missing shingles, and does not have any water leaks. You can make a service appointment with a professional roofer to get an evaluation and determine the exact condition of your roof and what repairs are necessary.

Addressing foundation issues, fixing energy inefficiencies, updating outdated features and layouts, and addressing the roof are easy ways to improve the condition of an older home.